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Water Damage Las Vegas NV | Why us?

Superior Customer Service

Our team here at Disaster Rescue is dedicated to restoring our customers’ water damage problems. That includes relieving them of a stressful situation & understanding their specific needs.

Timely Arrival

We understand that flood water damage is a disaster that needs immediate attention. Our team will be at your door in no time at all to restore your home back to it’s original health.


24/7 Emergency Response Team

Overwhelming water leakage can happen at anytime of the day or night. This is why we have a dedicated Emergency Response Team to answer the phones 24/7.


“The knowledge Craig has in this industry is beyond compare. Hopefully a water leak doesn’t happen to you but if it does his crew is the best!! Thank you for saving the day & containing the water leak!”

Rachel M.

Why It’s Important To Repair Water Damage Immediately


Water leakage can cause many problems if you let it stand for too long. Including damage beyond repair & mold build up. This would require a total reconstruction of the area. Make sure you give us a call before it’s too late!

To alleviate a water damage problem, there are steps we take to ensure we do things the right way, every time:

Content Manipulation

This is moving your belongings out of the way so we can work on fixing the source of the water damage problem. *Note that if you have a sewage leak, some of your belongings may need to be restored, sanitized, sterilized, deodorized & dried for reuse.

Water Extraction Removal

of all water and drying of carpeting. Monitoring After removing all water & setting up drying equipment, we must monitor the equipment on a regular basis according to industry standards. Preferably monitoring every 24 hours.


Industry standards are to remove drying & dehumidification equipment when temperature, humidity & moisture levels meet requirements.

Stage 1

Water diffuses itself out from the source, spreading in all directions, affecting floors & adjacent walls.

Stage 2

Wicking of moisture into materials in which it is in direct contact.

Stage 3

Moisture in damaged materials begin to evaporate, causing high humidity damage. Signs of this happening are condensation on walls & sagging ceiling tiles.

Stage 4

Moisture begins to exceed 20% of the damaged materials’ weight. This activates microbial growth (mold).

Stage 5

Mold spreads to unaffected areas of the building, affecting air-quality in a major way. At this stage, air quality professionals need to get involved in the restoration of these damages.

Class 1

Water loss affecting only a partial area of a room. Little or no wet carpet/cushion present.

Class 2

Water loss affecting an entire room or carpet. Water is now wicked on surrounding materials up to 24 inches.

Class 3

Entire area is saturated with water & moisture, including ceiling, walls & subfloors. Water is wicked to surrounding materials over 24 inches.

Class 4

These are specialty drying situations where normally low-porous materials (stone, concrete, brick) are deeply saturated with water.

Category 1

Leaked water is from a source of sanitary lines (clean water supply, toilet, faucets, bottled water).

Category 2

Leaked water contains contaminants that can cause illness or discomfort if ingested (toilet overflow with urine, dishwasher overflow, etc.).

Category 3

Leaked water is highly unsanitary & can cause severe illness if one ingests it (sewage).

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